The Global Financial Crisis is the catalyst to see how unsustainable our business system of winners and losers is. We realised that apathy and us versus them thinking is promoted through business communication. Thus began our study of the history of advertising and public relations. We focused particularly on the work of Sigmund Freud and Edward Bernays and all who engaged them.

We noticed how inauthentic information is accepted as trustworthy by the public, simply because governments allow its publication. We observed how this was stifling a  persons innate ability of being able to distinguish between facts and fiction.

This lead us to the idea of developing a sustainable business public relations model built on sharing authentic information. A new business system that harnesses the truth, properly informing individuals and strengthening communities, one that delivers profit without hurting people or the planet.



SEESworld's journey commences: Social Economic Environmental Sustainability. With the help of an online software company in Singapore, we build a digital platform and commission new concepts to grow (sharemyvictory, shareourvictory, shareyourvictory, myliveresume, themarketingwall, thevictorywall)  business and foster a culture of respect. We embed the Human Celebrity Resource (c) concept within this platform.

It is hoped that Human Resources will start to be perceived by more leaders of corporations as an indispensable business resource. All HR departments to change to HCR departments. 

SEESworld's first five year history is recorded within the book, CARBON-19.



Australia and New Zealand Bank, Telstra, Woolworths, David Jones, HCF, Westpac Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Wesfarners, Westfield Group and many more offered S.E.E.S. An alternative to current advertising and marketing that encourages apathy and makes you think of what you have as not enough and who you are as not worthy.

Our last three years of research suggest these constant underlying messages delivered through television, billboards, radio, magazines, online, on buses and buildings, is what is fueling growing inequality and actions that cause environmental decay. These messages divide communities shifting the human self confident positive default to feelings of self-doubt, fear and anxiety.

We commence an in depth study of News Media Bias, particularly how articles greenwash and whitewash unconscionable conduct against vulnerable communities and eco-systems.

Live News and Live Resume become the mainstay of our SEESworld platform and we start putting in a huge effort to sign up socially conscious small businesses. We  start to develop the SEESworld accreditation programme: SocialEconomicEnvironmentalSustainability.





Facebook and Google's advertising revenue starts going through the roof, this appears to correlate with a sharp rise in mental health issues, societal suffering and environmental destruction. We present our findings to the Australian Government and Leading University Vice Chancellors on advertising fueled by clever algorithms on social media, as the roots of rising social, economic and environmental destruction. 


We write to major universities like The University of Cape Town, Cambridge, Oxford and MIT asking them to cease offering marketing and advertising Business Courses that teach students manipulative strategies. We lobby the Australian Government extensively for better protection of users and subscribers to Facebook and Google. We see more mechanisms to limit public outrage for those behind social and eco-system decay: controlling what appears in daily news/search feeds, buying/stifling competition and donations to/purchases of NGO's. 




Individuals responsible for the suffering of others are  framed as heroes thus suggesting their victims are somehow to blame. 



 Exposure to Facebook and Google's daily messages of what the definition of beauty should be pushed 500,000 young girls into creating online accounts on YouTube. They were seeking feedback to find out if they were pretty or ugly







During 2014 BP (British Petroleum) commissioned Ogilvy and Mather to come up with innovative way that would lead people to think that they (not BP) are responsible for Global Warming. The PR agency developed the term carbon footprint. A carbon footprint calculator was placed on BP’s website for the public to work out what their carbon footprint is. The concept was widely promoted by some governments and other corporations as it helped deflect climate change liability away from them. BP assigns responsibility for climate impact to the individual, while BP registers its own concerns by doing something about it” Julie Doyle This campaign successfully framed BP as if they were doing something positive about climate change when the complete opposite is true. BP is carrying on with their oil and gas business as usual, aggressively exploring and mining new territories, causing even more global warming. By allowing BP to communicate directly with the public lets them control public perception, how they are able to operate above the law. This example shows how the current business systemcan cause more harm to society than the impact of a nuclear bomb. https://mashable.com/feature/carbon-footprint-pr-campaign-sham


We took action outside Australia by presenting our findings and asking for assistance from the United Nations:




We sought help from the UN Attorney General and staff, International Monitory Fund, World Health Organization, Barack Obama and Desmund Tutu, to name but a few. 





We based our requests to stop the unconscionable conduct of Corporations like Facebook and Google on the legal argument that they are in contempt of Article 12 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, home or correspondence.


 A 30 page case which makes predictions of a pandemic is lodged with the United Nations Human Rights Commisioner  from Sydney Australia on the 25th June 2014, on behalf of all people of the USA, EUROPE, RUSSIA, AUSTRALIA, CHINA and JAPAN.



Pandemic Warning Petition: united-nations-secretary-general-ban-ki-moon-the-truth-in-advertising. We petition to create awareness of how communities are being divided and people are being mentally abused. Millions of corporate messages are effectively changing the meaning of words causing people to make ill-informed decisions which is having a devastating effect on eco-systems.


about time




We take SEESworld to ground zero for the next 3 years, to the most unequal country in the world, working among indigent and wealthy communities in the Western Cape of South Africa.




We work on the street with an agenda for South Africans to heal each other from the ground up to end human suffering, becoming the role models that heal the world.


We attempt a class action on the 4th January 2017 at the Western Cape High Court against South Africa's top Corporations who use words they do not mean. The relief sought is for the western cape government to protect the minds of South African Children 12 years and under rather than only big business interests.


In Simonstown we consolidate the last 6 years of observations on how people are bullied. Our mental health research revealed a most unholy alliance between the pharmaceutical and psychiatry industries. This deepened our resolve to find natural ways of overcoming suffering like how to raise the frequency at which our bodies vibrate:



We work amongst the indigent communities of Marikana, Pelican Park, SteenVilla, Siyangena, Winnie Madikizela, Ramaphosa, Guguletu as well as the homeless community in Fish Hoek.






Through various campaigns and in court where we are allowed to legally represent these communities – some success! - 6 million US dollars worth of land is returned to the dispossessed.



Working amongst those impacted the most by our current business system is where we achieved the greatest result


We submitted all our paperwork to parliament on the 15 March 2019,  just before we left South Africa. Requesting the restitution process be completed for those who have been dispossessed by corporations that work daily towards an unequal South African society:



 In South Africa we also came face to face with the origin of human suffering in a place we least expected, details published in CARBON-19This deepened our understanding and strengthened our resolve to persevere with SEES.







We arrive in Beijing in March 2019 and continue our study of Chinese antiquity and culture.  It is in Beijing during 2019 that SEESworld achieved its greatest victory to date. 

We start to publish Letters From Beijing, sharing practical wisdom China has successfully applied to solve complex social problems:

We publish smart food consumption during August 2019, recommendations based upon the last ten years of observing the links between supermarket food and non-communicable disease:

During October 2019 on behalf of Vukuzenzele community we deliver the following letter to the BP South Africa, CEO Priscillah Mabelane: Government officials in New York are taking BP to court for also supplying false information to them and the public starting 40 years ago: "The oil company understood the science of global warming, predicted its catastrophic consequences, and then spent millions to promote misinformation." The New York City Government claims BP spent lots of money blocking support for fasttracking alternatives to oil use since the 70's, to make sure everyone remains dependent upon oil.

On the 18th November 2019 we submit a 9 page report to Emeritus Professor Rosalind Croucher President of the Australian Human Rights Commission. SEESworld's contribution to the free and equal Australian conversation on human rights. We submit this report in solidarity with the 8 million Australian renters who cannot afford to buy homes, We include evidence in our submission to Emeritus Professor Rosalind Croucher that reveals exactly who has caused so many Australians to suffer financially. The horrific unconscionable conduct of the same individuals also created the perfect conditions for the devastating 2019 Australian bush fires.




We observe the impact of Facebook and Google on Asian communities whilst on 3 month trip through Malaysia and Thailand.

We publish The Ice Melts: Covid19 during February 2020 which includes a reference to Ms Phoebe Barnards November 2019 warning: "The world is about to experience untold suffering".

We spend 8 months in Hong Kong - here we discover the warmth of Cantonese Culture and spend time with the vibrant Filipino community. We begin writing CARBON-19, a summary and story of our last decades work. Witnessing the devastation and fear back in Australia because of the pandemic, we lodge public dividing relations report for the attention of The Honorable Rod Sims on the 18th June 2020. We hope the commission will seek appropriate relief from the parties mentioned in report 303998 on behalf of countless Australian victims (mental health victims, homeless, indigenous, unemployed, those paid wages below the cost of living, current and future unnatural disaster victims)

On the 10th October 2020 more than 350 scientists call for global action to the 'real and imminent" extinction risk to whales and dolphins. caused by pollution and ocean noise stifling their ability to communicate.

We travel back to mainland China during November spending 3 weeks in: Shenzhen, The city overlooked by Deng Xiaoping. Then flying to Changzhou in the Jiangsu province, this time we explore south of the Yangtze River.



From the 1st January 2021 we start a campaign to end FMCG-violence against Flora, Fauna, Americans, Australians, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos and South Africans with the goal of uniting different communities. We appropriate the traditional acronym for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) to try and help provide relief from the side effects of mindless consumption: FMCG violence F: financial M. mental C. colour (blacklivesmatter, stopasianhate) G: gender (genderbasedviolence)

13 January 2021 we lodge documents with New York Attorney General Letitia James petitioning for relief for victims of corporate criminal conduct. We base our petition on the following: Ecological, financial, mental, colour and gender-based violence was commissioned by the concept that good is no use, you have to be pretty. Media commission and omission of words turned the violence into pandemics. . Insert link here to document and to weblink.

4th February 2021: Overwhelming scientific evidence is published showing how man made ocean noise is contributing to the extinction of marine species like humpback whales. " Noise from Boat Engines, Construction, Sonar and Seismic surveys interferes with marine mammals ability to feed, navigate, communicate and interact.

A viral petition during February 2021 revealed more than 500 allegations of sexual assault in Australian private schools from girls as young as 13. The corporations and politicians responsible for and who profited from creating a deep culture of abuse/entitlement in Australia go into overdrive trying to deflect liability towards others, like parents. Australian Media and the Academics who covered up years of corporate crimes try to frame the problem upon families. We work hard to direct the narrative back towards them - root cause: 

 May 2021 we publish Rescue South Africa from Dystopia in response to violent crime souring. We suggest economic changes that lead to peace and prosperity in many asian countries.

We consolidate our research during of communities across different nationalities, that which is not widely reported on within Western news. Our crusade to stop corporate bullying has taken us to ground zero for the last six years: Africa and Asia. Out of this combined knowledge and first hand expiriences a  new educational discipline and mental model is born, what we have termed PURE - Public Uniting Relations Education.

July 2021: We develop Polar Star Organic Coffee.

Polar Star's brand objective is to promote habits that help achievement inner silence and actions that attract good karma. We expanding further on the original SEESworld vision of thinking that put others first.

We consolidate our last decade of various Indian, American and Chinese Yoga and Meditation best practices into Polar Star Yoga, and commence free classes.

"Truth is singular, its versions are mistruths"  "In an individual selfishness uglifies the soul, for the human species, selfishness is extinction"


We start presenting  Art Movies on a weekly basis, showcasing that which extants human existence.