• About us

    SEESworld commenced development during 2010 in Sydney Australia as a breakthrough business system that effortlessly advertises with authentic moments driving smart consumption. We quickly realised how this could solve some of the most complex problems in the world ─ social, economic and environmental sustainability. By commercialising the link between consumer sentiment and business growth, we can deliver sustainable profit.

    False & fake advertising is the source of all of our social, economic and environmental problems, the former of which impacts our children the most. This compelled us to commence action with the United Nations in June 2012, to recognise false and fake advertising as unconscionable conduct towards all people – this officially commenced our social justice movement.

    We are asking The International Court of Justice to hold all company directors, who refuse to cease advertising this way, personally accountable for crimes against humanity. We are drawing a line in the sand ─ capitalism in its current form, is not sustainable. We like capitalism, if fact we want capitalism to rock, and the only way for it to do so, is if we engage in a better business system ─ a business model that creates a sustainable capitalism.

    Seesworld is the breakthrough that delivers immediate economic, environmental and social sustainability ─ SEES.

    Advertising based purely on ego, is dangerous. It sends an unrealistic message to everyone, especially our youth. It fawns over the fake and states that this is real. It's not bad to want to buy things, nor is it a sin to aspire to something better or cool. What is wrong, is the message that material gain alone, will be our salvation ─ that constant-acquiring is the benchmark of success and hence happiness. This incessant manipulation is not cool.

    Profit is not a dirty word. In fact, it's very good for business, good for the country, and is highly recommended! However, it's the means to this end that is in question, and needs to be questioned. It is no longer conscionable to advertise in this way, not at the expense of the people or the planet. Advertising this way is not sustainable for anyone ─ not for big business, not for the consumer, and neither for the environment.

    Fake News in Advertising, News and Social Media is the direct cause of all of our social, economic and environmental problems. It is destructive on every level. Plain and simple. In 2016 we started campaigns to fight Fake Food in Supermarkets and the Mental Health Pandemic.

    It's time to stand up. It's time to champion and be part of a SEES World ─ Social Economic Environmental Sustainability. 


Our mission

  • We want to shift the human negative default – to that of a positive one.

    We want to stop this incessant manipulation of people, in order to make profits.

    We want people to connect with their passion, and hone in on what they already have.  We want them to celebrate that.

    We want to run ads that declare that what you have is enough, that you are enough, and we want to run these ads everywhere – on television, billboards, radio, in magazines, online, on buses and buildings.

    SEESworld is the engine of our mission, and it is now available to everyone;   Individuals and  businesses – small, medium, large; multiple brands, multiple locations; staff of 2 to staff of a few hundred thousand.


Our vision

  • 1. To elevate the lives of others.


    Because it is the shortest path to happiness, and the surest way of elevating one's own.

    2. To provide a simple and practical model for businesses to grow organically.


    Because it gives 'sustainable' a heart and hence life. And it's crucial that in promoting and encouraging sustainability, it is more than a mere platitude.


Our team