Mario Michael Segal

Mario Segal was born in Cape Town South Africa. He attended Square Hill Primary School and matriculated in 1988 from South Peninsula High School in The Western Cape Province. He left South Africa for Australia at 21 years of age, partly because of apartheid. He studied Print Manufacturing in the evenings at Tafe NSW in Sydney and at age 24 he started his own company in Australia called Zulu Vision. He convinced Hong Kong Dairy Farmers in 1997 to outsource a 2-million-dollar supply contract from their Franklins retailer which kick-started Zulu Vision. It quickly grew to include Qantas Airways, Oki, Smeg Appliances and the Vanuatu Government as valued clients. He suffered a breakdown including panic attacks at 30 years of age which commenced his journey of exploring natural ways of living.

He designed one of the first online web portals in Australia, using SQL-2000 as a supporting component to emerging Microsoft .NET strategy. This allowed unprecedented visibility within an intranet environment. Zulu Vison customers who were using traditional SAP systems, were astounded at this innovation.

Aldi arrives and we partner with the successful German-based supermarket.  We assist in establishing the foundation of their print supply-chain and manufacture items like their company Policy and Procedure manual.

Commence annual marketing promotions (using purpose built micro-marketing software) and branding strategies for Spar supermarkets as well as Metcash and their Campbells Cash & Carry and IGA brands.  We started using code to organise buying trends of various ethnic groups to inform what the weekly specials should  be.

We develop the concept of Digital Knowledge Sharing – the quintessential aim of sharing knowledge across all departments and geographical locations within a business. We develop a close working relationship with Benjamin Chaminade, a renowned French HR consultant, who pioneered this new way of thinking – the focus being on freeing up trapped knowledge within departments in a business.

Millers, Katies, Crossroads, 1626, Koorong Books and EB Games, to name a few, commence using our online system.  We implement Knowledge Sharing as part of our online offer.   We develop analytical reporting which gives unprecedented visibility into our clients' supply chains.

Mario bought 2 Curves fitness outlets in Australia and introduced the brand to South Africa securing the first franchise in Milnerton, Western Cape. This was his first direct experience with how a large American Corporation operates.  During the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, he noticed for the first time how advertising abuses children's minds and after examining international law found that it is in fact illegal.
Up until the GFC, he thought that merely looking after his own family and having the nicest car and a house on the water defined who he is, which is what advertising teaches. He studied the history of advertising (the original fake news) and discovered how it has repurposed the meaning of words such as 'love', 'sustainable' and 'happy' for marketing gain, which leads to confusion, alienation, and ultimately neurosis. Whereas social media initially started as a Democratic mouthpiece, it's hijacking by marketers have now led to a digital world in which the line between authentic and inauthentic content has become virtually indistinguishable. This makes adolescents, who practically live through their smartphones, particularly vulnerable to advertising's psychological impact. Mario's fight against biased (fake) news advertising started in 2010. He studies the strategies news media owners use to influence public perception to further their own interests. He believes capitalism can deliver sustainable profit if we change the current western human value system which is managed by parts of academia, news media, marketing, advertising and social media.
He has three decades of experience in public relations, sustainability, social and business systems, commercial law, print manufacturing, fitness and health, solar energy and the marine industry. His interests are equality, neuroscience, social anthropology, antiquity, nutrition and sustainable living/traveling on water:
Quotes, Concepts and phrases developed by Mario:
Bernays Syndrome:  An imagined monopoly on subjectivity (the way we see the world is the only way it can be) that keeps us from recognising our Kith & our Kin ( we are all related ). We see ourselves as the worlds only conscious subject with the rest of creation made up of objects, too the more egotistical even other people count as objects. 
"Fighting Bernays Syndrome can stop global warming which will then secure our water supply"

"authentic moment advertising cools the planet"

"The truth in advertising sets us all free, a new capitalism."

"Create sustainable profit for your shareholders by leading with authentic moments."

"All the great work of parents and not for profits today is lost tomorrow if we do not protect the minds of our children from advertising."

"Say no to false advertising."

"In a SEESworld your shares may be worth less, life, however, will be worth far more."

Bernays Syndrome

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SEES - Social Economic Environmental Sustainability 

*Wealth Carbon:  The amount of carbon produced from non essential consumption which is driven by advertising that targets the human ego and distorts the meaning of words.

Cognitive Fog

*Egowakefulness: A term devised during August 2019 to describe an unnatural  state of mind. Ego manipulators blur the lines between fact / fiction and true / false by prioritising that which is not essential to life. This evokes a mental mode of egowakefulness This distortion of reality isolates individuals by stopping us from seeing what is crucial to life or the value in what we already have. It clouds our natural instinct of being able to  recognise danger and who to trust. This state of mind keeps us focused on recognition and love from the outside. 

Autism & Antivaxxers: Pharmaceutical companies study the etiology of Autism and understand its relation to pesticide& mass produced fruit and vegetables, how they could develop a vaccine.

Public Dividing Relationsthat which keeps communities ill-informed, isolated and poor

CARBON-19: see

FMCG-based violence: Financial Mental Color Gender-based violence 

The Science of Common Good for Social Influence 9/03/2021

2013 Sustainability as a priority message

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