Polar Star Yuj: yoga designed to end gender-based violence

The seed for what ultimately developed into Polar Star Yuj was planted during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Witnessing the suffering during this time of turmoil brought about the realisation that societal change had to be driven by paradigm shifts in business.

Mario started researching the history and psychology behind Public Relations. Equipped with this knowledge, he started his quest to change business systems. After many years abroad, Mario traveled back to his country of birth, South Africa. 


He spent four years working amongst the impoverished communities in Cape Town and became acquainted with the city's most violent townships. All the trials and tribulations he experienced, from representing victimised communities in the Western Cape High Court to witnessing violent protests, not only tested his courage but also altered his perspective on human nature and himself. It was upon witnessing the strong bonds among indigent peoples that he felt humanity's heartbeat and recognised where he was - the original garden of Eden, the cradle of humankind.

It was during the next step of this journey, this time in Asia, that Yuj was conceived. Mario had a background in fitness, yoga, and meditation, having owned Curves fitness franchises and practicing Vinyasa, Bikram, Power Yoga, Hatha, Transcendentalism, Mantra, and Spiritual meditation. After arriving in Beijing, he started studying Taoist folk religions and familiarised himself with the principles of Chinese martial arts, Wushu.

He traveled extensively across Asia to 26 cities, exploring countless caves, rivers, monasteries, factories, and small towns, where he discovered the locals' proclivity for using practical wisdom to accomplish greatness. He found it exhilarating to spend time among people for whom everything is possible. Through his newfound enlightenment, he was able to add the final touches to what ultimately became Polar Star Yuj.

Classes progress through three stages:  Kharma, Dharma and Nirvana

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