Mental Health Defence

We have been defending mental health for the last 12 years. We study *communication methodology that mixes fiction with fact and false with true - to maintain business as usual. This creates disorder in our living conditions, a tinderbox for division, depression and anxiety to thrive. Yet the medical industry treats anxiety and depression as a human disorder (the problem lies with you), as a consequence of your actions and/or a biological condition caused by a genetic predisposition. 

SEESworld offers MENTAL HEALTH living condition disorder therapy, for anxiety and depression. Understanding root cause is the first step.  See here for contact details. 

*Ecological, financial, mental, colour and gender-based violence was commissioned by concepts like "good is no use, you have to be pretty".  



It is useful for government that big pharma and psychiatry promote mental illness as biological. Then they need not do anything serious about living conditions: disinformation, chemicals, climate change, poverty, housing security, violence, racism, sexism or have to pay for treatment. "Mainstream psychiatry is incapable to adequately deal with the mental health issues of millions of patients whose core psychological issue is one single powerful emotion: anxiety." - Niall McLaren, M.D., 45 years of practiced psychiatry.

Timeline: 2004 - Facebook creates a safe place for people to stay in touch with friends and family, opening up countless opportunities for a shared economy and causing corporate sales of things we do not need to grind to a halt. 2010 – After attracting billions of users, Facebook sells out to corporations, exposing users of all ages to trillions of paid advertising messages which are made to look like authentic moments.

Manslaughter by Commission:  and Ommission: The wanton and reckless new meaning applied to words were commissioned by trillions of Google and Facebook search engine-optimised messages – the source of misinformation echoed by users such as the girls in the video above. Words like beautiful have been hijacked to convey the message of good is no use, you have to be pretty.


victims: Flora, Fauna, Americans, Australians, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, South Africans and many more.

2016 - Facebook allows cambridge analytica to interfere with users correspondence influencing the US Presidential Election result.  2017 - Gender Based Violence fueled by corporate messages on social media promoting dominating others as appealing takes center stage.  2020 - Black Lives Matter becomes more apparent as the corona virus caused more people to see through Social, Search, Film and News media’s message that frames Black People as if they do not. matter.  2021 - Donald Trump taps into societal apathy, extremism and unconscious bias established by Social, Search and News Media. 

Manslaughter by Omission: News Media and Information companies like News Corp, Naspers, Pocket, Quora & Wikipedia frame and omit information received to favor wealth monopolies. Silence on root cause creates societal apathy, fuels extremism and builds unconscious bias. "Silence is violence", it  helps frame victims, parents and communities as to blame.

Our background: During the 2008 Global Financial Crisis we discovered how ecological, financial, colour- and gender-based violence is reinforced with the help of news, advertising and even current structures within academia. Hence, in 2010 in Australia, we started studying the structural roots of what we since have termed FMCG-bullying. * FMCG-bullying: Financial Mental Color(BLM / Stop Asian Hate) Gender-based bullying.  

Campaign strategy to prevent more pandemics: A. LEGAL ACTION - civil and criminal  B. PURE - public uniting relations education  C. AIWC-Defense System - arbitrary interference with correspondence defense system  

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A. LEGAL ACTION - civil and criminal

National action by NEW YORK Attorney General Letitia James and 50 other American State Attorney Generals against Facebook and Google to redistribute the wealth they acquired illegally. SEESworld has petitioned Mrs James to also pursue criminal action18 U.S. Code § 1112 - Manslaughter by commission and omission.. We have written to other nations asking for their  support of  Attorney General James by making a claim on behalf of your citizens' economic loss for the last 10 years. Facebook, Google and their friends are very busy concocting various campaigns with no limit to what they can spend to try and make sure The Honorable Attorney General James will fail - she needs all the help She can get.



Superior Court Judge Christine Roach's prudent decision during January 2021 means those who are grossly negligent with words can be pursued for manslaughter - the shortest path to make America great again. We have asked Attorney General Letitia James to seek appropriate relief, 18 U.S. Code § 1112 - Manslaughter, for the families of American youth who have paid the ultimate price for heeding the words of Facebook and Google. Those who lost all self-confidence because of words that mislead them to believe that they did not belong, that they were not worthy enough and did not fit in.

Proposed International Action: Through PR, daily news feeds and the retelling of history, companies to the likes of Apple, Facebook, Google, News corp and Naspers are able to serve as the guardians of public perception. They have in their power to distort reality by framing and omitting information to serve their own interests, leaving the public unable to make informed decisions. Corporate messages are framed as if they are in the best interest of communities, but in reality they are stifling competition and small business growth. They act in contempt of Article 12 of International Human Rights Law and many local laws. The International Criminal Court considers mass mental abuse a crime against humanity, whereas the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in its Article 12: "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks."4 BILLION VICTIMS under daily attack, Americans, Australians, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, South Africans. SEESworld has been fighting Google and Facebook for the last 10 years, We seek your support for this case to be lodged on behalf of all peoples at The Hague.

ap1The ladies in the top left picture earn 164US dollars for a full month's work in retail. They were arrested by Shoprite and put in prison for accepting 3US Dollar tips from clients. The ladies in the bottom right hand corner are on a pension which only provides food for the first week of the month. The children in the bottom left hand cnr have no toilets. The rubbish in the background contains poo in plastic bags.


 B. PURE - public uniting relations education

We started  studying the structural roots of bullying during 2010. We discovered how it grows by establishing unconscious bias through academia, news and advertising. We noticed how innovation, philanthropy and public relations is used to normalise the intimidation of others. Our crusade to stop bullying has taken us to ground zero for the last 5 years: Africa and Asia. Representing victims of FMCG-based violence deepened our understanding of its common source. Fearful outside perceptions of China and indigent communities in South Africa, reinforced by media narratives, are far removed from on-the-ground experience at these sites. In China is a philosophy of protecting small business from monopolies and leaving no-one behind has delivered results. In townships miracles were achieved when communities worked together to obtain land to live on. Everything mentioned herein has been recorded in our book, which also serves as a training manual on PURE - Public Uniting Relations Education - the moment all that divides us becomes clear, miraculously all that unites us appears.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



 click here for the PURE - Public Uniting Relations Education Roll Out Plan

Educational Manual: order here    APP: download here


 C. AIWC-Defense System - arbitrary interference with correspondence

Social, News and Search Media has become the most influencial forces on earth. Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks". We wish to develop artificial intelligence that identifies AIWC to net citisens. We suggest all news and social media be live monitored this way. 




                                                                                    NaspersWARNING: Naspers "Make the most of home" campaign which frame themselves as if their first priority is in the best interest of all South African communities is disputed. 


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