The groundbreaking expose spanning ten years revealing the source of our most dangerous virus. Findings from our practical community wisdom along with groundbreaking media studies have given rise to a new lens through which to see the world, and are all recorded in our books. A 160 page manual for the study of a new educational discipline: PURE - Public Uniting Relations Education: "The moment all that divides us becomes clear, miraculously all that unites us appears"  All proceeds go towards stopping ECO & FMCG-Based Violence at its common source. (FMCG-Based Violence: Financial Mental Color Gender Based Violence) 

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开创性的揭露跨越十年揭示了我们最危险的病毒的来源。 一个160页的手册,一个新的教育学科的研究:纯公共团结关系教育:"那一刻,所有的分裂我们变得清晰,奇迹般地,所有的团结我们出现"所有收益都用于停止 (基于快速消费品的暴力:金融心理颜色基于性别的暴力)

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北极星50页曝光呈现中国和美国的历史从未像现在这样,通过社会经济环境可持续性的镜头。 它包含了西方统治者希望你不知道的信息,包括冰融化:COVID-19。 

The North Polar Star 50 page expose presents China and Amercian History like never before, through the lens of Social Economic Environmental Sustainability. It contains information that the rulers of the West would prefer you rather not know and includes the game-changing report: The ICE MELTS: COVID-19. 

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