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Our arduous quest to make the world more equal has given us unique insights into what delivers the best results ─ where to expend energy to make the greatest impact. SEESworld has evolved into two divisions, the Inequality Impact Unit and the Structural Change Division:

Inequality Impact Unitcommunitity support, combines 8 strategies into one campaign to resolve conflict:

On site live event coverage, photography and interviews, Investigate and research the root cause of the problem, Publish press release, Lobby stake holders, Petition, Legal Action - advocacy, Introduce programmes and technology that revalues individuals.

Structural Change Division 5 strategies to achieve a SEESworld

Programmes, Technology for individuals, non profits, small business and corporations, Advocacy ─ human rights charter and constitution, Expanding existing laws, Innovative litigation, New bills, Research - qualitative and quantitative.


All our advocacy work and research since 2012, has been self funded to date. Our case load is growing. We now inviting investment from individuals and organisations interested in supporting the work of our Inequality Impact Unit and Structural Change Division, addressing the root cause of inequality.

Our Web technology for individuals is $10 per year (R100 per year ) and $25 ( R250 per year ) for small business. 

Bank: Capitec
Account name: SEESworld
Account Number: 150 502 3163
Brand Code: 470010
Address: 1 Qantum Street, Qantum House Stellenbosch, South Africa 7600