News and Advertising are used on a daily basis to work towards the interests of the economic elite by stopping the type of change that would create more equal societies.

When we are repeatedly exposed to news and advertising that propagate certain agendas, a neurological process called myelination takes place – connecting pathways are created in the brain that make ideas seem “self-evident”. Regardless of whether the reader believed the message he is receiving, repeated exposure to the message causes a myelin sheath to form around the neurotransmitter that transports that message. The myelin sheath speeds up the speed of that thought above all other thoughts, arising in a belief system being established and passed on.

For the past 7 years SEESworld has been carefully observing how this happens on a daily basis to bias our thoughts away from sensible explanations as to the reasons for the exacerbation of many problems we currently face as a society.

One media technique that biases us toward the credibility of our harmful economic model is for a news publications to publish roughly one article that champions the economically marginalised, followed by roughly 30 that favour the economically powerful. Ease of economic mobility is overemphasised, in effect blaming the marginilised and disadvantaged for their own plight. Articles and opinion pieces that reinforce this narrative are backed by corporate outdoor advertising.

The process of myelination through media is why you pay 1000 times more than what you shoud, for everything, and then thank the company for the privilege to do so. It also serves as a means through which the structure of inequality is maintained and fostered.