LAW - innovative litigation creating new democracy

Stop news, advertising & philanthropy used to obscure (& reinforce) economic injustice. Prioritise Corporate Accountability to uplift communities, over profit. Apply constitutional law to increase corporate minimum wage and government pension, to a living wage. Stopping new supermarkets starts small business growth. 

End Goal: life without crime, fear or disease   Social Economic Environmental Sustainability


Current SEESworld advocacy cases and law expansion we are motivating for:

1. United Nations SEESworld case stopping social media's influence on BELIEF SYSTEMS.

2. Constitutional Servitude Law expansion addressing MINIMUM WAGES & PENSIONS.

3. Corprate Accountabilty, section 7 of the Corporations Act, the Bill of Rights and uplifting communities - FOOD, WATER.

4. theshoprite8 and  new NATIONAL TIPPING LAWS  protecting lowest paid workers.

5. steenvilla and the future of SOCIAL HOUSING in South Africa.

6. Siyangena Informal Settlement occupancy of Corporate LAND  in Phillipi, Western Cape South Africa.