Mario Segal

Mario Segal left South Africa at 21 years of age, partly because of apartheid. At age 24 he started his own company in Sydney Australia called Zulu Vision, which was involved in building online knowledge management databases, marketing and advertising for FMCG companies like Coca-Cola South Pacific, Franklins (Pick n Pay), Aldi, Curves, etc. He has two decades of experience in social systems, commercial law, manufacturing, fitness and health, solar energy and the marine industry. He introduced Curves fitness to South Africa and bought the very first franchise in Milnerton, Western Cape, for his parents. During the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, he noticed for the first time how advertising abuses children's minds and after examining international law found that it is in fact illegal. He founded SEESworld during 2010.
Up until the GFC,  he thought that merely looking after his own family and having the nicest car and a house on the water defined who he is, which is what advertising teaches. He used to believe that all governments should be run like a business, with profit as the first agenda above all else. He studied the history of advertising (fake news) and discovered how advertising or fake news has repurposed the meaning of words such as 'love', 'sustainable' and 'happy' for marketing gain, which leads to confusion, alienation, and ultimately neurosis. Whereas social media initially started as a Democratic mouthpiece, it's hijacking by marketers have now led to a digital world in which the line between authentic and inauthentic content has become virtually indistinguishable. This makes adolescents, who practically live through their smartphones, particularly vulnerable to advertising's psychological impact. Mario's fight against biased (fake) news advertising started in 2011. (please see the SEESfight tab for details) He studied the strategies news media owners use to influence public perception to further their own interests. Australian Prime Minister Julia Guillard's removal from office is a classic case of how consistently biased articles published can eventually lead to public outrage. He believes capitalism can deliver sustainable profit if we change the current marketing and advertising model.
His interests are computational neuroscience, social anthropology, equality and nutrition (food pharmacy).
Quotes and phrases by Mario:

"The truth in advertising sets us all free, a new capitalism."

"Create sustainable profit for your shareholders by leading with authentic moments."

"All the great work of parents and not for profits today is lost tomorrow if we do not protect the minds of our children from advertising."

"Say no to false advertising."

"In a SEESworld your shares may be worth less, life, however, will be worth far more."










SEES - Social Economic Environmental Sustainability