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The groundbreaking expose spanning ten years revealing the source of our most dangerous virus. Findings from our practical community wisdom along with groundbreaking media studies have given rise to a new lens through which to see the world, and are all recorded in our books. A 160 page manual for the study of a new educational discipline: PURE - Public Uniting Relations Education: "The moment all that divides us becomes clear, miraculously all that unites us appears"  All proceeds go towards stopping ECO & FMCG-Based Violence at its common source. (FMCG-Based Violence: Financial Mental Color Gender Based Violence) 



Receive 60 days complimentary access to SEESworld with the purchase of CARBON-19. SEE the newly launched and the exciting

STOPPING AIWC ENDS ECO- & FMCG-Bullying = UNITED WORLD (FMCG: Financial Mental Color Gender) Campaign.



10 Years of Studying Public Enemy Number One



Pandemic warning during 2014


inside 2

South Africa, we win big.



The truth behind the beautiful scenes of Paarl , South Africa



The real China revealed


CARBON-19 could prove to be invaluable to anyone on the journey of:

1. Explore and understand Australian Culture  2. Explore and understand South African Culture  3. Explore and understand Chinese Culture  4. Explore and Understand American Culture  5. Trying to effect structural change in society  6. Understanding how social media, marketing and public relations work  7. Developing immunity from the ego, comparison and disease  8. Reaching heightened consciousness, seeing what no one else can  9. Securing ecosystems  10. Securing economies  11.Rising above fear, anxiety and doubt
Cost per book/educational manual: only available to purchase for SEESworld members
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