Lead with authentic moments, flood the internet with the great things your people do for the community.

shareyourvictory is not about software.  It's about strategy equalling execution.   It's a new way of thinking ─ a shift from our notorious negative default to that of a positive one.

This is the world's first Hybrid Intranetâ„¢.  It's the most powerful tool in which to engage both staff and the electorate.

It's not merely an online chat or feedback forum.
The public no longer has an appetite for orchestrated marketing campaigns.
The public wants authentic data.

shareyourvictory is a great way for government to share the great things happening within their departments.  It is an excellent way for a political party to share the great things they're doing.  It is an authentic and transparent way for subscribers and the general electorate to get a true insight, and respond in kind.

shareyourvictory is 100% Australian and a world-first.
It is a remarkable innovation because it prompts and encourages that which we'd all thought was lost, our natural ability to do good and attract good on a daily basis.

It is not merely instructive.  Instead, it invokes action and hence an 80% higher engagement rate than any other comparable system.

shareyourvictory has no DNA relation to the platforms that are social business and social media.

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Limited sessions available.