Harvest authentic moments and create  new role models for youth - real sales - real growth

A. An initial 1-hour induction presentation to the CEO and heads of departments.

 Human Resources:

Induction of Human Celebrity Resource strategy and application tools.


Induction of strategy and application tools.


Induction of strategy and application tools.


Code-sharing; all database page designs hard and soft copies; Code Map and database blueprints.

B. Intellectual property licensing.

C. A four-to-six-week implementation plan with full support.

D. All customer and staff forms.

E. Database blueprints.

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The Hybrid Intranet Summary

The foundation of our platform is shareyourvictory  a concept that enables you to engage your staff and customers in a unique way.  It is simple, yet its effect is immediate and far-reaching.

The most valuable asset in any business is the moments that staff interact with customers, and when customers interact with the business.  When businesses integrate shareyourvictory as an integral part of their internal culture, there is a significant increase in the value of this asset and hence in the value of the business.

Implementing shareyourvictory may result in  a significant reduction in the reliance on traditional marketing methods including social media allowing you to further reward those at the coalface.  The controlling reality in the agricultural age was land capital.  The controlling reality in the industrial age was financial capital.  The information age in which we now live, rewards businesses that can harvest daily data and acknowledge their Human Celebrity Resource.

The patented code within the shareyourvictory platform inspires and engages both staff and customers like never before.

1.Unique SEO coding puts the spotlight on what you already have, your passion, your victories.
People connect with your business when you share what you are passionate about. Our unique SEO coding turns your daily data into immediate actionable intelligence, that's sales, and money in the bank

2. Live News SEO plugin drives traffic to your website, and allows you to compete with big business.
Update your website daily with the great things happening inside your business, and keep it fresh and dynamic. These victories become your authentic advertising which has more impact than any orchestrated marketing campaign.

3. Staff and customer app they drive your Live News.
Staff share the great things happening inside your business ─ your victories. Each time something positive happens, good or great, they can share that. Each time a job is finished, they can take a pic and share that. You simply approve and publish. Staff are honing their focus on the great things happening within your business, and also creating excitement and ownership of their own work. Customers can share their positive experiences. These tools give business and individuals a new way to grow using authentic information, a new benchmark for our children which stabilises their future.
SEES World is a new way of doing business. It is a new business model, capitalism that can be successfully sustained, and that benefits rich and poor.

SEES World highlighted features:

SEO plugin drives traffic to your website, allowing you to compete with big business.
Unique SEO coding puts the spotlight on what you already have ─ your passion, your victories.
The staff and customer app drives your Live News plugin, and updating your website with these victories keeps it fresh and dynamic.
Full Live News displays your great offers, and allows for a Custom Design background.
Live News Counter puts daily analytics at your fingertips.

Your shared victories automatically become your newsletter with the inbuilt newsletter feature. Simply send a relevant victory to a potential client who has requested a quote, and see how easily you could close a sale.

You can be a sole-person business.
You are a multi-store, national or international business with a staff of 300,000.
Secure intranet-to-internet (i2i).
Staff Points System that benefits them as well as the business.
Automated store-of-the-month and employee-of-the-month.
Internal staff news feed so that all staff are immediately and easily in the loop with important information.