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We publish practical wisdom, and present a bird's-eye view of communities across different nationalities, that is not widely reported on within Western news. Our crusade to stop bullying has taken us to ground zero for the last five years: Africa and Asia. In South Africa we worked with indigent communities unable to pay rent and achieved miracles of land and home ownership exceeding 6 million US Dollars. In China we witnessed how a philosophy of protecting small business from monopolies and leaving no-one behind delivered extraordinary results. Findings from our practical community wisdom along with groundbreaking media studies have given rise to a new lens through which to see the world, and are all recorded in our books. Out of this combined knowledge a new educational discipline was born, what we have termed PURE - Public Uniting Relations Education.

PURE Classes:

The North Polar Star Channel: Currently live from within China, we inform families of the very best their present and ancient cultures offer. Through digital and printed content, we work to strengthen the worlds understanding about the planets oldest civilisations: