quantum shifts in thinking

A ground breaking twelve year study of the impact of consumption promotion upon language, emotions, the body and ecosystems gave rise to a new way of seeing called The SEESworld Mental Model. Viewing the six key life spheres - nutrition (smart food), body (physical movement), personal products (chemicals), feng shui (object placement), consciousness (unfettered sensory roaming), passion (spiritual) and creativity (emotional intelligence) - through the lens of SEESworld activates quantum shifts in thinking. We hope you will join us on this breathtaking journey of enlightenment with the purpose of creating personal and business wealth that nourish ecosystems and communities.

Mario History

We use an evidence-based approach to inform a deeper awareness within and of our surroundings. Empirical data suggests a betrayal of trust has caused the world as we now know it to come to be. These powerful insights and undeniable truths unlock understanding of the influences that affect happiness, depths of relationships and business popularity. 

SEESLIGHT TECH: A NEW APPROACH TO GROWING BUSINESS AND CONNECTING PEOPLE: https://seesworld.org/index.php/en/seeslighttechnology


Mario left South Africa for Australia at 21 years of age, partly because of Apartheid. He studied print manufacturing in the evenings at Tafe NSW in Sydney and at age 24 started his own company in Australia called Zulu Vision. He convinced Hong Kong Dairy Farmers in 1997 to outsource a 2 million AUD supply contract from their Franklins retailer which kickstarted Zulu Vision. It quickly grew to include Qantas Airways, Oki, Smeg Appliances and the Vanuatu Government as valued clients. He suffered a health breakdown including panic attacks at 30 years of age which commenced his study of the miracles that can be achieved by how we move and what we eat. More details.. 




Carbon-19 contains practical wisdom and presents a bird's-eye view of communities across different nationalities, providing perspectives that are not widely reported on within Western news. Findings from our practical community wisdom along with our groundbreaking ten-year study of the media have given us a new lens through which to see the world. These insights have all been recorded in our 160-page book. More Details..



The North Polar Star 

We drew on our last ten years' experience in The ICE MELTS: COVID-19 to expose the origin of that which divides us. Our hopes with this report is that all that unites the East and West may become more apparent. Mother Nature is busy teaching us hard lessons about what happens when practical wisdom is ignored and we think only of ourselves. More details...



Beijing Smart English School Transformation 


An excerpt of our marketing proposal to Smart Global English: "Direct focus of rebrand to current Chinese consumer sentiment: spending has become more discretionary; sustainability, the environment and family life has gain more importance; stress levels are high. Parents are starting to seek more depth and meaning, hankering to authentic Chinese values. Name suggestion: ECO ENGLISH SCHOOL - healthy community life." SEESworld designed and implemented Smart English Tongzhou Branch's external and reception areas. More details...



South Africa - Cape Flats Community Land & Homes worth US$ 6m

We spent 3 years working on-site at South Africa's ground zero: Fish Hoek's homeless, Steenvilla social housing residents, and the townships of Marikana, Vukuzenzele, Siyangena, Guguletu, Ramaphosa and Winnie Madikizela - indigent communities of the Cape Flats. Through local community contribution, court action and public campaigns targeting media myths and root causes, we achieved combined rent and utility savings for approximately 4000 families of 80 million SA Rand, as of June 2020. 35 families were awarded their own homes with a combined worth of 20 million Rand (approximately 6 million US$ in total).. More Details...



Campaign to create 1 million solar jobs - Mountain Coffee

In 2017 SEESworld proposed to help South Africans heal each other from the ground up and end human suffering. We hope for local communities to thereby become the role models that heal the world. We built Cape Town's first solar coffee cart and secured two high profile sites along Table Mountain. More details...



Destiny Events

A 1980's 40-tonne motor yacht was brought from Florida just after the GFC and converted in Sydney during 2013 to part sustainable power. It was redesigned and upgraded on a minimum budget to host community events. More details..



7-acre Staycation Property

A 7-acre property severely affected by an Australian drought was rejuvenated by increasing rainwater harvesting capacity, properly filtering existing borehole water, installing several kilometres of irrigation, clearing out brush and planting indigenous trees. With our rehabilitation project we managed to highlight the landscape's already existing natural features. The house was renovated with recycled materials and farm vehicles were bought secondhand. More details..



Timber Boat Salvage

During the mid 2000's we salvaged a 50-foot timber trawler returning a fourfold profit on expenses within six months. We carried out an extensive repair and refit utilising recycled, salvaged and secondhand materials. Her bollards were remanufactured from grade 2205 stainless steel, excess material from a neighbour's project. We used silicon-bronze nails, oakum and steam planks to secure her hull. Her tender, Woodstock, was purchased for a few hundred AUD as an unfinished boatbuilding project built out of Huon pine with bronze fittings throughout. More details...


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