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SEESworld presents


taking a different approach towards inequality


identifying root causes


proposing bills that would bring about structural change in America, Australia and South Africa


Our proposed Bills address the real reasons why democracy has failed to deliver equal societies throughout the world. South Africa, for one, has been cited as the most unequal society in the world. (Witwatersrand University Study)



      • News editors, social media and advertising experts are paid to change audience behaviour to meet their commercial and political clients' needs. This is how communities are ultimately desecrated in the pursuit of profit and power. 

      • STOP Facebook. STOP NASPERS (News24) , Stop NEWS in Australia, STOP America Today, Stop Die Beeld, Stop Die Burger, STOP Sunday Times. Stop protecting corporations, start protecting people. Write about whats hurting the masses every day. Write daily about what is hurting the poor, and what is making our planet worse and worse. Only then it can get “better and better”. Stop abusing, confusing and dividing the world to protect your business partners.


  2. WATER for people BEFORE BEER and COCA COLA

      • Global Warming as a result of corporate greed has robbed Cape Town of its municipal water. Coca Cola and beer is still in full production, though, so the only things left for Capetonians to drink are Coke and beer.

  1. POWER – Solar roofs and canola diesel

      • Install solar panels on shacks and all low income  homes to power basic appliances.

      • All new housing complexes to have roofs built out of solar or with solar on it.

      • Biodiesel fuel supply with target of @ R7 per litre (US 70c) for every suburb, manned by the unemployed.

      • Oil from canola farms to power cars, not people.


  1. EDUCATION: 90 PERCENT of LEARNING happens between 2 to 7 yrs. Get them ready for UNIVERSITY NOW.

      • Protect children from advertising.

      • Teach primary and secondary students how to read news – biased news and manipulative outdoor advertising.

      • Change university marketing curriculum to remove any instruction on how to manipulate the masses.


Wages to match food and rent increases

      • Pensions increased to match cost of living – LIVING PENSIONS.


  1. CORPORATE LOBBYING of governments first through FACULTY OF SOCIOLOGY.

      • Compel corporate lobbying to be run through university departments of social sciences then a more balanced report be delivered to government ministers.

      • Corporates to fund the extra workload of this faculty.


  1. CORPORATION'S MENTAL HEALTH epidemic – Nasdac, Dow Jones, JSE, Nikei, Hang Seng.

      • Every hour around the globe, 100's of people take their own lives, not because they want to die, but because they feel there is no hope. The truth of why they are suffering in many instances is stifled by the pharmaceutical Industry and news media. Tackle root cause rather than blame victims.

      • Break the pharmaceutical companies' stronghold on, and dominance of, the mental health industry.

      • Recognise the role of advertising, corporations, social media and unhealthy consumption.

      • Improve access to behavioural intervention and nutritional advice – "Mind and Food freedom".



      • Currency not only to be hedged against financial data and government confidence, but also against the results of current and future corporate social upliftment policies, within the communities in which they trade.