Apathy is worse than violence


It has been a bitterly cold and wet weekend for the homeless in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa, with temperatures dropping to 11 degrees, accompanied by strong winds which further reduces the average temperature significantly. We found more homeless individuals over the past weekend, ironically sleeping outside the local council office, the same council whom we advised of the homeless plight over 4 days ago. Our pleas for help were printed out and handed to all councilors at Cape Town city offices, but we received no response or any action to assist.

Below is the empty council caravan park with ablution facilities (warm showers and fresh water) that we photographed yesterday, that could have housed the homeless whilst a more permanent solution is found. There were council vehicles and staff present at the caravan park all day Saturday and Sunday, but not a single occupant.


The Council Hall is also empty and locked every single night, another option for temporary shelter that we are urgently putting forward. The only response we did witness to the plight of the homeless was law enforcement officers chasing the homeless away from their sleeping areas with the threat of arrest if they do not comply.


 Alcohol and drugs are used by some of the homeless to mask the pain of economic crime enforced upon them by living in the most unequal society in the world. The fact that they abuse substances is very often used against them by some public officials, and the real perpetrators of economic crime are protected, even supported, by the very same officials and news media. This can be compared to the scenario that rape victims have to endure when it is implied that what they were wearing invited the crime perpetrated against them.


SEESworld spoke to this homeless man in Fish Hoek living next to the NEDBANK ATM, at approximately 2 pm on the 14th June 2018. He is clearly struggling in the cold and seems to suffer from mental illness. We doubt that he will survive Cape Town’s winter. He confirmed that he is South African and needs help.


NEDBANK’S PROFIT increase over the last few years correlates with rising homelessness in South Africa. Contempt for The King Report and section 7 of South African Corporate Law  is pushing elderly South Africans, across the race spectrum, onto the streets. 

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Ernestin and Bonzon  form part of a large group of homeless people currently living under a bridge, their appalling conditions recorded on 14 June 2108.





SOCIAL HOUSING STEENVILLA: profit over people  https://www.change.org/p/president-ramaphosa-and-chairperson-of-the-national-council-of-provinces-social-housing-rental-at-steenvilla-to-be-immediately-reduced-to-r550-per-month-for-1-bed-r1250-for-2-bed