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  • Ancient laws applied to business


    SEESworld is built upon the ancient laws of human nature - the laws that keep people, planet and profit in harmony with one another. These ancient laws dictate that selflessly serving others first (good old fashion service) are key steps in mastering business and personal lives.

    Our web software and smartphone app promotes a new and emergent mental model which directs focus away from the ego self  - an intelligent way to make money.

    SEESworld has spent the last 8 years observing and researching the discourse characterised by the current corporate model's influence upon an individual. Establishing the belief that people must love themselves first, blaming others for the fallout and the belief that the financially wealthy are infinitely wise ─ these are all the results of stunningly successful corporate campaigns. We have discovered tools delivered through Academia, Newspapers, Facebook, Google and Advertising to establish these beliefs and have noticed how viewpoints diverging from the status quo are framed as untrustworthy.

    Empirical data, however, now points that this way of doing business is not as wise as previously thought, as it produces wealth carbon* which has disrupted the natural cooling of the globe. This is causing life support systems to start shutting down with some forests loosing 90% of their insects.

    Good old fashion service, selflessly serving others first is emerging to be the smarter economic model. SEESworld has developed deep insights into how authenticity and empathy in business, real sustainability, can be very profitable.


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Communities see corporate advertising as nutritional advice and biased news as fact

We have never been faced with a more dangerous weapon than cognitively biased news. This medium disguises itself as the truth by only reporting one side of a story or deliberately NOT reporting events in newspapers, on social media platforms and in advertising. This allows ideas to entrench itself in belief systems, ultimately controlling the actions of many and dictating priorities. Some decisions by politicians, and disorders such as ADHD, autism, autoimmune disease, mental disorders and heart disease, are all products of capitalism’s unsustainable model and proliferate in a context where chasing profit is glamourised at the cost of human well-being. As an example, what is not widely reported in Western media to maintain the "us versus them" belief system is that China under President Xi Jinping has lifted more people out of poverty than anywhere else in the world, by holding local government officials personally accountable to uplift the poor.

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    Small business growth is key to reducing financial inequality, throughout the world.


    Harvest authentic moments and create  new role models for youth - real sales - real growth


    Lead with authentic moments, flood the internet with the great things your people do for the community.


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