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News & Adverts are used daily to make those who keep us unhealthy and in debt look like saviours. SEESworld fights for Mind & Food freedom = financial freedom.

  •  1 in 10 Children Mentally Ill


    Big pharma emphasises genetics. Experts

    point to compromised supermarket food and



    In 1950 it was reported that only 1 in 25 000 children suffered from autism. This figure has jumped to one in 27. One in ten children worldwide is estimated as suffering from mental illness and by 2027, only ten years from now, all children will be affected by mental or physical disease.

    Experts now ascribe it to chemically treated and genetically modified crops grown in depleted soil, fueled and supplemented by fake news advertising that proliferate in the commercial world characterising our current capitalist system. 

    The implication is that banks, supermarkets, mobile companies and social mediums entrusted with the enrichment and health of communities use fake news to disguise their detrimental effect on society’s most vulnerable, including children. These claims are evidence based. Six years of academic research, scholarly articles, neuroscientific and biochemical results available from SEESworld.


SEESworld Objectives

  • MIND

    Higher Intelligence App - voice and chat: designed to connect you with your higher intelligence and disconnect from the influence of fake news advertising. Transforming the world's current advertising model by offering breakthrough shareyourvictory software that captures authentic moments and turns them into immediate actionable intelligence. Meditation. Exercise.

  • FOOD

    Spreading awareness about how poor nutrition and chemical exposure form part of the average daily life, the link between these factors and global health epidemics, and how to lead a well nourished and chemical-free lifestyle.

  • LAW

    Changing legislation through lobbying and court cases to make corporate false advertising, fake news and the marketing of fake food criminal offenses.

    End Goal: Win financial freedom & happiness. Social Economic Enviro Sustainability.



Hidden weapons of mass destruction – fake news and supermarket food

We have never been faced with a more dangerous weapon than fake news. This medium disguises itself as the truth on social media platforms and in advertising, allowing it to entrench itself in our belief systems, ultimately controlling our actions and dictating our priorities. ADHD, autism, autoimmune disease, mental disorders and heart disease are all products of capitalism’s unsustainable model and proliferate in a context where chasing profit is glamourised at the cost of human well-being. Left unchecked, a world rife with these afflictions will be the legacy we leave our children. We cannot call ourselves advanced if we condone a world in which the well-being of children is threatened. You may think that fake news advertising does not affect you and your family, but even children with access to nutrient-dense food will be growing up in a world in which, and ultimately be affected by, the majority around them who do not enjoy such access.

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