Oil companies told 50 years ago - you are warming the globe - rate payers to pay?

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we must all work towards a more equal society?

  • Ancient laws applied to smart phones


    SEESworld business and personal connection software is built upon the ancient laws of human nature that keep people, planet and profit in harmony with one another. The ancient laws dictate that selflessly serving others first and foremost is a key step in mastering our own lives. It is the wisdom that shining a light for someone else is what will ultimately help you find your way.

    Shortcuts, mere platitudes of the ancient laws, as practiced by the corporate world and delivered daily through social media, news and avdertising, will eventually end in generational disappointment and loss. Some forests have already lost more than 90% of their insects and the next generation face a potentially 10 degree global temperature rise if Corporations do not change their business systems and start drastically reducing carbon footprints by December 2019.

    SEESworld has conducted a relentless self-funded 10 year crusade against the type of advertising and news that keep individuals and entire communities separated from one another, and distorts our relationship with nature. Unflinchingly addressing the root cause of inequality and environmental decay for almost a decade now has exiled us from family, freinds and funding. 

    This painfull journey has delivered unexpected gifts though, deep insights to how we can master business / personal life and restore ecosystems, while there is still time. Our internet platform and smartphone app directs focus away from the ego self and promotes a new and emergent mental model that delivers clarity and growth.


SEESworld objectives

  • MIND - deep thinking restores authenticity

    SEESworld deep thinking mobile app and website plugins are designed to connect your business with communities and individuals with the life and job you want. Our code drives creativity and  captures community upliftment moments turning them into SEO authentic advertising - delivering organic growth to individuals, business and GDP - without manipulating anyone.

  • FOOD

    Spreading awareness about how poor nutrition and chemical exposure form part of the average daily life, the link between these factors and global health epidemics, and how to lead a well nourished and chemical-free lifestyle.

  • LAW - current case load

    Prioritise corporate accountability to uplift communities and restore the environment, over profit. Stopping New Supermarkets to facilitate small business growth. Stop news, advertising and philanthropy used to obscure(& reinforce) environmental degradation and economic injustice.

    Communities First, corporations second = Social Economic Enviro Sustainability.



Communities see corporate advertising as nutritional advice and biased news as fact

We have never been faced with a more dangerous weapon than cognitively biased news. This medium disguises itself as the truth by only reporting one side of a story or deliberately NOT reporting events in newspapers, on social media platforms and in advertising. This allows ideas to entrench itself in belief systems, ultimately controlling the actions of many and dictating priorities. Some decisions by politicians, and disorders such as ADHD, autism, autoimmune disease, mental disorders and heart disease, are all products of capitalism’s unsustainable model and proliferate in a context where chasing profit is glamourised at the cost of human well-being. As an example, what is not widely reported in Western media to maintain the "us versus them" belief system is that China under President Xi Jinping has lifted more people out of poverty than anywhere else in the world, by holding local government officials personally accountable to uplift the poor.

  • Small Business

    Small business growth is key to reducing financial inequality, throughout the world.


    Harvest your daily authentic data and turn it into immediate actionable intellgence - real sales - real growth


    Lead with authentic moments, flood the internet with the great things your people do for the community.


    Daily share the authentic things your staff do, on your website's SEO Live News.