Oil companies told 50 years ago - you are warming the globe - rate payers to pay?

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  • Youth Belief Systems

     1. SEESworld agitates those in power on a daily basis to demand news providing a more unbiased glimpse on society. Our primary goal is to effect structural change to inequality by exposing its root cause, so the youth do not have to bear our inequities. SEESworld's legal fight started when we lodged an urgent United Nations case during June 2014 to stop Facebook from exposing the youth to inauthentic advertising and biased news. Our case is based on Article 12 of the Human Rights Charter which protects an individual's personal correspondence from interference. Neuroscience now shows how this interference has precipitated isolation within communities, sowing division that stops good men from acting together.

    Towards the latter part of 2016, a company called Cambridge Analytica bought Facebook user data to help elect a candidate, biased toward corporate rights, to run America.

    In the mean time, SEESworld's case was acknowledged as 'received' by the UN. We have made numerous enquiries, but have not received a response to date.

    2. A year ago we started trying to create awareness of Coca Cola and SA Breweries as these companies jointly use millions of litres of water a day during a time in which Cape Town is experiencing a global warming drought. Cape Town is the first city in the world to nearly run out of water, with Coca Cola still in full production.

    3. According to university studies on corporate wage distribution, South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world. Nowhere is this more manifest than in Cape Town, where billionaires' mansions against the mountain slopes starkly contrasts with the vast stretches of informal settlements on the Cape Flats, neighborhoods ridden with poverty, violence and drugs. Our fight against inequality has kept us in Cape Town working within the most disadvantaged communities.

    Investing in SEESworld creates more equal societies.   


SEESworld Objectives

  • MIND - technology which restores authenticity

    SEESworld has developed white label mobile and web technology which revalues individuals. Our code captures community upliftment moments and turns them into immediate authentic advertising - delivering growth to individuals, small business and GDP - without manipulating people.

  • FOOD

    Spreading awareness about how poor nutrition and chemical exposure form part of the average daily life, the link between these factors and global health epidemics, and how to lead a well nourished and chemical-free lifestyle.

  • LAW - current case load

    Benchmark retirement pension & minimum wage to the cost of living. Prioritise corporate accountability to uplift communities over profit. Stopping New Supermarkets to facilitate small business growth. Stop news, advertising and philanthropy used to obscure(& reinforce) economic injustice.

    Communities First, corporations second = Social Economic Enviro Sustainability.



Indigent Communities see corporate advertising as nutritional advice

We have never been faced with a more dangerous weapon than biased news. This medium disguises itself as the truth in news, on social media platforms and in advertising, allowing it to entrench itself in our belief systems, ultimately controlling our actions and dictating our priorities. ADHD, autism, autoimmune disease, mental disorders and heart disease are all products of capitalism’s unsustainable model and proliferate in a context where chasing profit is glamourised at the cost of human well-being. Left unchecked, a world rife with these afflictions will be the legacy we leave our children. We cannot call ourselves advanced if we condone a world in which the well-being of children is threatened. You may think that fake news advertising does not affect you and your family, but even children with access to nutrient-dense food will be growing up in a world in which, and ultimately be affected by, the majority around them who do not enjoy such access.

  • Small Business

    Small business growth is key to reducing financial inequality, throughout the world.


    Harvest your daily authentic data and turn it into immediate actionable intellgence - real sales - real growth


    Lead with authentic moments, flood the internet with the great things your people do for the community.


    Daily share the authentic things your staff do, on your website's SEO Live News.